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Monday, 25 July 2016

ABC Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick

I'll be the first to admit my skin is just eurgh. Literally every food that I love shows up on my skin in the form of a spot, a rash, eczema or just dry skin, and it is an absolute pain. Believe me, I've tried everything under the sun but there has only ever been one option - stop eating the food. But I don't have self-control like that so I need to find an alternative and it came in the form of a blemish stick from Australian Bodycare aka ABC. 

Made from an antiseptic combination of Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel this roller ball has literally been living by my bed for a while now. As if the roller ball wasn't easy enough to use, you apply it straight to the blemish.

The entire range of products are Tea Tree and can be used from head to toe, so you can find anything you need on the ABC website. There’s literally something to suit everyone’s needs, and because Tea Tree Oil It is well known for its natural antibacterial, antiseptic and pretty much anti-everything bad properties you know it’s only going to be good results.

To be honest, I think I should really invest in some more because, as much as I want to keep one in my bag, I change my bags far too often and I'm always forgetting to move my lipstick. I can only imagine how quickly I'll lose this saviour in the bottom of one of my big bags, where it would be lost forever like a lot of things. But there is nothing worse than a last minute breakout. The blemish stick not only reduces redness but it also helps to fight the bacteria causing it.
Now I don't use the word need very often, but I definitely need to invest in more of these. 

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Monday, 18 July 2016

Christmas in July part two - Not on the High Street, M&S and John Lewis

Last week was a big week for Christmas in July there were literally press days all week with at one point up to five in a day! Because I was working I wasn't able to get to all of the ones I wanted to, but I did manage to get to a few for some retailers that I love! 

First up is Not On The High Street. 
This has always been one of the favourite places to go when I'm looking for most of the quirky gift ideas, and this year I've spotted a few things that would be awesome to put in the house for Christmas this year. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by the sassiest door mat saying 'WELCOME AT MINE IF YOU BRING MULLED WINE', which makes perfect sense seeing as we're talking about Christmas. 

I made my way through the rest of the showcase and was immediately drawn to anything with a phrase on it, just because they made me have a little giggle to myself. And as always NOTHS was full of personalised gifts, many of which I just wanted to buy and keep for myself. Because that's what you do with all the good stuff isn't it? I even left with a cute little flamingo tree decoration with my name on it - gotta love that personalisation!
John Lewis.
In my eyes, John Lewis officially have won the battle of the Christmas adverts for a couple of years running and what they have coming up this year in store is certainly setting them up for a good start for Christmas. There was definitely a Christmas feel going on and it didn't take me long to forget that it was hot outside.

There were so many things that I wanted from John Lewis that I can't even begin to start. The one thing I will mention is that I'm seriously looking forward to the launch of Hush in September! It's only going into a few stores though - Oxford Street, Peter Jones and Birmingham - but I've been told that it's available online so that's okay with me.
Finally Marks and Spencer
When it comes to M&S I definitely know what the standard is, (after all I worked there for nearly two years through uni and have done three Christmas stints there - the horror). As always the food was laid out in the prettiest way and exactly how everyone imagines their table to look on Christmas Day. I'm still yet to see anyone with a table as big as the M&S press day one.

I think because I have worked there and have been the person running around looking for things the Marks and Sparks Christmas charm doesn't quite have the same effect on me as it does with other people. Of course, everything is pretty and taste delicious but I already know what my favourite things are, have of it is going to be chocolate biscuits that my mum is going to try and stop me eating. 

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Friday, 15 July 2016

I've been adulting for a year!


My name's Juanita and this year I've been adulting.

I realised something the other day, I've officially been working in my first 'real' job for a year now and I feel like I've genuinely done a lot of growing up. I mean yes I love Minions now more than ever, I dressed up like an elf on Christmas day and I still have my weird little outbursts, but, in every other sense of the term I can say that I've done a lot of growing up. 

I had that staple retail job while I was at uni, and don't get me wrong, for what it was the money was alright; it was only a short bus ride from door to door and it was permanent. But it wasn't a career it was just something to see me through uni. So after graduating, and being in that job for just shy of two years, I asked to change my hours to do a Digital Media course. They said no so I handed in my notice and found temp work. Everyone was so surprised but it was what I needed because after looking for so long for internships and work experience I was starting to give up.

Fast forward to today and like I said, I've been in my first 'real' job for a year.

One where I have no real idea what my actual hourly pay is, I just see what I get monthly on my payslip. It's always the same and my student finance always comes out. I start and finish at the same time every day and each day I battle through rush hour hell to Central London and back again to the edge of South West. 

I started working here July 6th 2015... where the hell has the time gone?! I won't lie I'm a bit concerned about the speed at which time has escaped me, it's definitely gone faster than the years before and it's insane. I've been living for the free days off that comes in the form of a bank holiday, and I now know why people who don't go to school, or work in retail, know exactly when they are. This can only mean one thing... I'm officially an adult.

Before I even realised any of this I had already started to get my act together and do some forward thinking about how to manage money better. Months ago I cut down on all my spending and have been, for lack of a better word, struggling to by impulsively because I just don't feel like I want the things that I don't need anymore. 

Anxiety has also hit me hard this year, and without fail I've been sick - like physically sick - every single month because of it.

And at 22 I found myself Googling 'retirement age calculator' to see when I can officially stop working. 68?! I'm not working for that long, which is just another reason I needed to stop frivolously spending money on clothes I don't wear and stuff I don't need. But by going on holiday for the first time in over 6 years, I mean a holiday that required me to actually go to an airport and get on a plane, I've now remembered what it feels like to be stress free and, well, just free. Not having to deal with daily commutes, not having to deal with life as an adult getting up early and going to bed stupidly late because I don't feel like I've had enough time to relax when I get home. 

I still get the questions that doubt all of my decisions like "are you sure you want to do that?" And each time I do I feel like I spend time not only convincing them but telling myself that's what I want to do and that I shouldn't forget it. I spent ages trying to figure out how to get to where I am today and I shouldn't stop when I'm finally on the way to where I want to go next, despite what anyone else says. Things are just finally starting to fall into place not by luck but because I'm finally dedicating myself to it and making the decisions to.

Now back to this year of adulting.


Monday, 11 July 2016

A trip around Liberty Island with my favourite New Look dress

So I've finally plucked up the courage to do my very first outfit post EEEEEK! I really wouldn't describe myself as a shy person, I really do not like being in front of a camera if I'm not the one pushing the shutter. A while ago I went through my wardrobe and took a mass of clothes that I knew I would never wear to the charity shop. Even though it was a fleeting detox it was still the thing that was needed to finally give myself a little reality check in order to start the process of changing the way I was dressing. Not only were my clothes starting to get highly repetitive but I was getting lazy in the way I was dressing. Like seriously lazy. I bought myself a pile of new clothes before I went on holiday, so every day was an outfit that I had never worn before. It was completely refreshing. One of my favourite things was a New Look.

Sooooooo Vanessa and I were walking around Liberty Island, the sun was shining and there was green space that no one was sitting on. I utilised that moment; "Okay Vanessa I'm gonna give this a go... Take the camera... Nooooo I feel awkward..." I was quite puling weird faces in every shot and generally just mucking around, because I could and it always makes things less intense.
Can you spot the smirk from me trying to hold in a giggle?

Nearly every dress I own has either been body con or skater but I always loved the look of this dress every time I went into New Look and I'm still not sure why it took me so long to actually buy it. It's so easy to throw on and pair with any shoes - but my Infrared Red Air Max 90s were about my speed that day, and I had a bulldog clip the same colour as the red on my trainers in so very matchy matchy.
Its loose fit also made it the perfect thing to wear in the 30 degree hear with all the walking we were doing.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Christmas in July part one - #SainsburysChristmas

(The gingerbread man I decorated then forgot and left behind!)

Is it July? Yes. 
Are we pretty much half way through the year? Yes.
And does everyone pretty much remember Christmas in 2015 like it was only yesterday? Yes.
But when did forward thinking ever hurt anybody?

Other than having my birthday in July, there's nothing I enjoy more than having Christmas in it too. Usually I'm one of those people that are forever giving daggers to the first person who starts the "only ___ days until Christmas guys!" countdown, so I not even going to, but this year I'm attending a few Christmas in July events to get me all psyched up for the actual day later this year... and start planning presents because I'm seriously disorganised.

First up is Sainsbury's. Well technically this happened in June - look at Sainbury's getting all organised and ahead of the game - needless to say it set the standard. The event took place in Somerset House in the Portico Rooms and literally had a bit of everything in each of the rooms. The majority of the food was in the main room and divided into clear sections so everything has its own bit and nothing was compromised. I walked in and instantly to my right to find all the pretty Christmas bouquets with their glittery petals and silver pine cones, and turned round to find a whole corner for special diets. I know too much dairy makes me ill, and I shouldn't eat gluten if it can be avoided, but there is never a large selection of foods that I feel look and taste amazing so I usually just eat the normal stuff but Sainsbury's have definitely set the bar for me now. They've expended their range Free From products and have added in a few new extras, one of which is the Deliciously Free From Chocolate Iced Dessert which is made from rich chocolate and coconut milk. Now I really dislike coconut and have done since I was about 7, after vividly remembering the day I threw up after eating a Bounty, but you can seriously not taste the coconut flavour at all, and you wouldn't know that it was wheat, gluten and dairy free either. 
The rest of the rooms were equally filled with amazing little Christmas bits that basically mean that I'm going to spend a lot of time, and money, in Sainsbury's this year, especially on the party food and biscuits. I don't have a picture of either of these things because I was too busy stuffing my face with them instead of taking blog photos, you'll just have to trust me when I say they were all delicious and totally worth the money! So keep your eyes peeled for them hitting your nearest store later this year. As well as all the other quirky themed things that are going to make you Christmas compete right down to the robin print tea towel, marshmallow snowman biscuits and amazing beetroot smoked salmon.
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